CPM Critical Elements

If we want to be part of CPMs, we need to learn first from the Bible and then second from the works of the Holy Spirit in movements (in history and today). Acts 19:10 This continued on for two years, so that everyone who lived in Asia, both Jews and Greeks, heard the word of the Lord Jesus.

Over the next few weeks we will look at critical elements in movements – taking even one of the elements out can be crippling.
We will be looking at forming a:
                                                                          CPM Strategy based on  CPM Critical Elements

The following sentence shows the major CATEGORIES we will be covering.

GOD has a VISION for our People…so we reproduce PRAYER and EVANGELISM … leading to reproducing DISCIPLES, CHURCHES, LEADERS transforming lives & communities. 

Critical Assessment 5: Churches

When they believe are they immediately obeying by being baptized? (Generally, this is a group decision and baptism). (Acts 8:36-38; Mt. 28:19-20) Are they clear and certain about Scripture’s authority? (2 Petr. 1:19-21) Are these new groups of believers intentional to start functioning as churches (Acts 14:23) – How are you helping them discover this scripturally? Are you resisting the temptation to import your own cultural and denominational approach to how church services, church facilities and other things are to be done? (Acts…

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Critical Category 5: Churches

Churches are discipled oikos’ that becomes obeying congregations (usually meeting in homes) who transform families and communities. Scripture and Holy Spirit are all they need (Acts 2:42; 1 Cor. 14:26) to establish self-replicating Disciples, leaders, and churches. Church Planting is an act of God through His Spirit and His people who are obedient to the Word and the Spirit. These new believers together begin the process of discerning how to redeem local culture. Do not import external culture, but allow…

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Commitment Study: Being Disciples

This is one example of a commitment study for those deciding if they want to commit to Jesus as Lord. It is important that you let the seekers discover what God wants them to do instead of your telling them your understanding. You can download the word document here. Being Disciples – Jesus said His disciples (followers)… 1) Mark 12:28-31 If they do not discover the main points on their own, you want to ask questions to help them discover key…

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Starfish and Spider Lessons about Catalyzing Movements

This is from Dave H. I’ve recently been re-reading the Starfish & the Spider by Brafman & Beckstrom, a “business book” that has many applications to CPM. In fact, I’ve known about this book for some time, read summaries and bits and pieces, but this week I finally read it through. And was surprised how incredibly useful it is to people like me— The basic premise of the book is that Spider organizations (centralized, big, top-down, expensive) are giving way…

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Does Prayer Make a Difference?

There was an experiment conducted several years ago by a church in Phoenix, AZ. Intercessors randomly selected 160 names from a local phone book. They divided the names into two groups–and prayed regularly for one of the groups, ie for 80 homes. The other 80 homes were not prayed for. Read about what happened next at this link from simplychurch.com

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Critical Assessment 4: Discipling

Are you using Creation to Christ Discovery series to help people discover God and allow the Father to be the teacher? (John 6:45) Are you focused on making disciples of Jesus, not converts to a religion? Are you demonstrating a love for God and an obedience to his commands in your lifestyle? Is this your main goal with those you are discipling? Are you discipling the oikos (family/group) together? Are you willing to suffer and endure hardships for the sake of the…

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Critical Category 4: Discipling

  Disciple lost oikos’ to commitment to Christ over the course of some weeks (make disciples not converts) – a Discovery Group will listen and learn from the Father (John 6:44-45) by coming to love and obey God through Bible stories from Creation to Christ. See this post for suggestions on what to do if they want to make an immediate decision. Teach them to love Jesus and obey His commands (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, John 14:15, Matthew 28:20). Teach obedience to the Word,…

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CPM FAQ: What if they want to make an immediate decision?

We do see immediate decisions in the Book of Acts, so we cannot argue that this is “not allowed.” We should recognize that those decisions seem to happen with Jews or God-fearers who already had an understanding of the Scriptures and were prepared. But sometimes we see similar circumstances in modern Disciple-Making Movement efforts. 90% of faith decisions in the book of Acts are described as group decisions. So our 90% plus preference (especially in persecution areas) is group decisions. If they…

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Creation to Christ – 28 Stories

This is one example of a Creation to Christ Discovery Set for groups moving from not knowing God to loving and committing to God. You will want to pray and work to adapt this to the worldview of those you are reaching. To download this as a word file click here. Creation to Christ – 28 Stories The Creation of the World Creation of the world – Genesis 1:1 – Genesis 2:3 Creation of man – Genesis 2:4-25 The Story of…

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8 Questions Every Worldview Must Answer

Essentially, worldview is our basic, rock-bottom answers to the following questions: What is prime reality—the really real? To this we might answer: God, or the gods, or the material cosmos. Our answer here is the most fundamental. It sets the boundaries for the answers that can consistently be given to the other six questions. What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us?Here our answers point to whether we see the world as created or autonomous, as chaotic…

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